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Corrugated Plate Mounting Machines

Heaford’s corrugated plate mounting machines are essential for achieving the precise plate alignment required in corrugated printing.

We offer three types of machines, each designed to cater for specific requirements in both pre-print and post-print applications;

Post Print Mounter

Experience highly configurable, flat table post-print mounters that are both user-friendly and adaptable.

Pre-Print Mounter

Available as sleeve or cylinder mounter range, our pre-print range is designed for fast and precise mounting.

Post Print Mounter Proofer

Provides post-print mounting with proofing, for accurate plate verification and register prior to long production runs.

Enhance Your Flexographic Printing Process

Corrugated Post Print Mounter (PPMT Range): Range of highly configurable, flat table post-print mounters that are consistently accurate and user-friendly.

Manual and servo-motorised mounters are available.

Motorised mounters can benefit from seamless connectivity to third party prepress systems.

Key features include consistent, repeatable mounting, an intuitive user interface, high magnification fixed focus camera system, and a wide range of customisation options.

The solid aluminium table with a steel fabricated/welded support frame ensures rigidity and durability.

Configurations for carrier sheet sizes of up to 3600mm(142″) and shim lengths of up to 1680mm(69″).

Corrugated Post Print Mounter/Proofer (PPMPT & RCS Range): Achieve accurate plate verification and register before production runs with our post-print mounter/proofer. These machines combine post-print mounting with proofing capabilities. Our PPMPT model features a robust cast table with high flatness tolerance, a precision ground aluminium proof drum, manual job input or server connectivity for easy job data transfer. The servo-driven cameras ensure repeatable positionings. Control is provided through a 27″ touchscreen interface. Alternatively you can also mount and proof “in the Round” with Heaford’s RCS range, which has a smaller foot print.

Corrugated Pre Print Mounter Available in both sleeve or cylinder models. Our pre-print mounter range is designed for fast and precise mounting. You can choose between a semi automated version or a manual alternative that offers reduced options for a lower initial investment. Proofing versions are also available. The semi automatic WW 2CS features servo-motorised cameras and mandrel positioning. Available in both cylinder or sleeve versions. Models can accommodate web widths up to 3000mm(118″) and repeat ranges from 500mm(20″) to 500mm(98″)

The Heaford corrugated plate mounting machines ensure precise and accurate plate alignment, guaranteeing sharp and  in register prints.

Key Features and Benefits

Precision and Accuracy

The Heaford machines ensure precise and accurate plate alignment, guaranteeing in register prints. With consistent, repeatable mounting and high magnification fixed focus HD digital camera systems, you can achieve exceptional results with ease.

Enhanced Efficiency

These machines streamline the mounting process, saving time and increasing overall productivity. With intuitive user interfaces and simple operations, Heaford machines are designed to be user-friendly, allowing operators to work efficiently and focus on other essential tasks.

Versatility and Customisation

The machines offer a wide range of options and configurations to cater to your specific requirements. Whether you prefer manual or servo-motorised options, flat table mounters or sleeve mounters, a machine can meet your unique needs. This versatility ensures you can tailor the machine to your specific printing applications.

Seamless Connectivity

Servo driven mounters in the range feature the option of connectivity to third party pre-press systems such as Esko, Hybrid, and other leading platforms. This integration allows easy data transfer and eliminates manual job input, streamlining your workflow and ensuring smooth operations.

Durability and Reliability

Built with solid aluminum tables and steel fabricated/welded support frames, Heaford mounting machines are designed to withstand the demands of industrial environments. They offer durability and reliability, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimising downtime.

Flexibility in Shim/Carrier Sheet Sizes

The Heaford range accommodates a wide range of carrier sizes, including large carrier sheet sizes up to 3600mm(142″). This flexibility allows you to handle a wide variety of carrier specifications.

After-Sales Support

Heaford provides comprehensive after-sales support throughout your mounters lifetime. Our global dedicated support team is available to assist with any queries or technical support you may need, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Corrugated Plate Mounting Machines FAQs

Please see a selection of commonly asked questions regarding corrugated plate mounters.

What are corrugated mounting machines used for?

Corrugated mounting machines are used to mount flexographic printing plates onto a carrier sheet or sleeve/cylinder. The mounter ensures the plates for each colour are aligned accurately and securely attached to the carrier or sleeve/cylinder.

This is important to ensure that the printed images are in register. 

Can the mounting machines be integrated with prepress systems?

Yes, the Heaford range of servo driven mounting machines can be seamlessly integrated with third party prepress systems. These machines are designed to have connectivity options that allow for easy data transfer from systems such as Esko, Hybrid, and other leading platforms. This integration allows the transfer of mounting co-ordinates directly to the mounter thus eliminating the risk of operator input errors and ensures an optimised workflow. 

What sheet sizes can the mounting machines accommodate?

The Heaford corrugated mounting machines offer versatility to handle various sheet sizes. The specific sheet size capacity varies depending on the model, the Heaford range accommodates carrier sheets of any size up to 3600mm(142 inches). 

Our standard model sizes are 2600mm(102.3″), 3000mm(118″) and 3600mm(142″) each with a drop length (repeat size) of 1680mm(66″) – Special sizes are available on request.