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Flexo Plate Mounter Auxiliaries

Heaford’s flexographic plate mounter equipment provides customers with an excellent investment for any flexographic printing operation. However, to maximise your prepress efficiency, consider complimenting them with our range of associated equipment. From sleeve inspection systems, demounters and sleeve preparation units, these additional tools can revolutionise your workflow by introducing new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

Sleeve Surface Scanners

Our surface scan systems are engineered to check, record, track and predict the quality of your print sleeves.

Sleeve Preparation & Demount Systems

Prepare your sleeves offline with this easy-to-use device for removing plate and tape / applying tape.

Digital Vision Systems

Upgrade old analogue camera systems for clear high resolution imagers of register marks on your mounter. Image above shows the optional CheckMount feature.


Sleeve Scanners

Sleeve inspection systems for both TIR measurement and complete surface scanning are available on a wide range of Heaford mounters. Damage or degradation of print sleeves can have a significant impact on print quality due the variations it can have on the impression between the flexo plate and the substrate. Regular inspection of sleeves for defects before mounting leads to reduced machine downtime, minimised waste in material and labour, and a more consistent process.

Demounters and Sleeve Preparation Units

Demounters are specialised machines designed for efficient plate and tape removal, eliminating the risk of operator injury (RSI), while preventing damage to plates or sleeves. The controlled demounting extends the life of your plates and accelerates the process, freeing up time for other tasks. This efficiency, combined with reduced damage, translates into significant cost savings. Some models in the Heaford range are designed not only for the safe removal of plates and tape but also for the simple bubble free application of tape prior to remounting of plates. This added feature reduces the time required on the mounter and remove a bottleneck in the prepress process.

Digital Vision Systems

Digital Vision Systems (DVS) provide optical clarity with up to 100x magnification to enable simple and precise plate positioning, featuring intuitive interfaces and crystal clear HD cameras and displays. These systems facilitate optimal plate alignment, improve print quality and minimise waste. They are also the perfect upgrade to older mounters featuring analogue camera technology.

Our flexo plate mounter equipment are an excellent investment for any flexographic printing operation.
Upgrading your Plate Mounter offers multiple advantages beyond acquiring the latest technology.

Upgrade Benefits

At Heaford we engineer machines to stand the test of time and our high number of repeat customers is a testament to the longevity and reliability of our products. Machine upgrades offer multiple advantages beyond acquiring the latest technology. The decision to upgrade can improve your prepress efficiency, offering performance improvements like faster plate mounting and more repeatable accuracy, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

In addition, the latest upgrade systems feature user-friendly interfaces and ergonomic designs that simplify operations, making it easier for new and experienced operators. Upgrades help you keep pace with industry advancements and eliminate the risks of downtime due to obsolescence. Though there’s an initial investment, the long-term benefits include reduced operational costs, enhanced user experience, and business continuity.