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Wide WEb Flexo Plate Mounters

1510mm(59.5″) – 2800mm(110.2″) Print Width

Our range of wide web flexo plate mounters is designed to cater to the unique demands of industries specialising in packaging, corrugated materials, tissue, decorative elements, and other large-format flexographic printing sectors. These precision-engineered solutions stand at the forefront of technology and design, offering unrivalled versatility. Available in manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic models, our mounters are tailored to meet diverse operational needs and financial plans, ensuring that every business, regardless of size or scope, can access the perfect fit for their specific production demands.


Introducing the new ModularMount. The mounter that grows with your business.


A modular platform with multiple options that can be tailored to meet your current mounting needs.

Semi-Automatic 2CS

Semi-automatic mounters configurable to suit wide web converters.

Automatic (Automounter)

Fully automatic mounter delivers accurate mounting first time every time.

Heaford's wide web plate mounters are built to support high-volume production demands, ensuring reliable and consistent performance even under the most challenging conditions.

Benefits for our Customers

Enhanced Accuracy

Wide web flexo plate mounters excel in delivering precision in plate-to-plate registration, guaranteeing consistently flawless and high-quality prints across all production cycles. This accuracy not only enhances the visual appeal of the prints but also ensures uniformity and repeatability in every run, which is essential for maintaining brand integrity and print standards in large-scale production. With this advanced capability, these mounters play a crucial role in achieving top-tier printing results, elevating the standard of output for the most demanding projects.

Increased Productivity

Boasting precise plate mounting capabilities, our wide web plate mounters significantly refine the setup process, leading to a notable reduction in downtime. This enhancement streamlines operations, facilitating a swift, efficient transition between jobs. As a result, press productivity soars, directly boosting the profitability of our customers. This increased efficiency not only accelerates production timelines but also optimises resource utilisation, translating into a more lucrative and dynamic printing operation.

Reliable Performance

Heaford’s wide web plate mounters are built to support high-volume production demands, ensuring reliable and consistent performance even under the most challenging conditions. The range is engineered with the structural integrity to withstand the daily loads associated with larger sleeves or cylinders and print repeats.

User-Friendly Operation

Designed with intuitive controls and user-friendly interfaces, our wide web flexo plate mounters are easy to operate, requiring minimal operator training. Please also view our corrugated plate mounting machines.


Please see below the most common questions we’re asked about our flexographic plate mounting machines from our customers. If you need to know anymore, then please get in touch with our friendly team using the form below.

How long is the typical lifespan of wide web flexo plate mounters?

The typical lifespan of a wide plate mounter can vary depending on several factors, including usage, maintenance, and operating conditions. With proper care and regular maintenance, wide web flexo plate mounters are designed to provide many years of reliable service. It is not uncommon for well-maintained plate mounters to last twenty years or more. It is always recommended to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance and servicing guidelines to maximise your equipment’s lifespan.

Can wide web flexo plate mounters handle high-volume production?

Yes, wide web plate mounters are designed to handle high-volume production. They are built with robust construction and advanced features to ensure efficiency and reliability even in the most demanding production environments. Wide web mounters are engineered to handle larger plates, wider print formats and repeats, while accommodating the needs of high-speed printing presses in high-volume production settings. With their speed, accuracy, and durability, Heaford wide web flexo plate mounters are well-suited to handling multiple job changes per shift, making them an ideal choice for print companies that require high-volume production capabilities.

How do wide web flexo plate mounters improve printing accuracy?

Wide web flexo plate mounters improve printing accuracy through several mechanisms;

Precise registration: Wide web flexo plate mounters are designed with advanced Digital Vision Systems (DVS) that ensure accurate alignment and positioning of printing plates. These systems utilise precise positional aides, such as high magnification cameras,  image recognition systems and plate support and laydown mechanisms. This ensures the plates are mounted accurately, producing consistent and precise print.

Mounting accuracy verification: Options on wide web plate mounters can include systems for verifying the accuracy of plate mounting. These systems can provide real-time monitoring, measurement tools, or image recognition technology to ensure the plates are precisely mounted. By verifying the accuracy of the plate mounting, operators can identify and correct any issues prior to printing, minimising on press errors and waste (substrate/ink/labour/press time etc.).

Repeatable mounting processes: Wide web flexo plate mounters can feature semi-automated or fully automated mounting processes that are consistently accurate. Automated processes can eliminate human error therefore delivering precise plate positioning first time, every time.

Can wide web flexo plate mounters be customised to fit specific requirements?

Wide web flexo plate mounters can be customised to fit specific requirements. Manufacturers understand that different printing operations have unique needs and preferences and offer customisation options to meet those requirements.

Here are some ways in which wide web flexo plate mounters can be customised;

Web Width: Wide web flexo plate mounters can be designed to accommodate different web widths. Depending on your specific production needs, the equipment can be customised to handle wider or narrower webs.

Automation Level: Wide web plate mounters range from fully manual to highly automated systems. Depending on your production volume, complexity, and desired level of operator involvement, the automation level of the plate mounter can be customised.

Additional Features: Manufacturers often offer additional features and options to enhance the functionality and convenience of wide web flexo plate mounters. These include integrated inspection systems, advanced job management software, tape application systems, plate support tables and pressure rollers to help the operator in the daya to day work flow.. Customising these features can optimise the plate mounting process and improve overall efficiency.