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Flexo Auxiliaries Products

Flexo solutions for improved prepress production

These added value auxiliary products focus on maintaining the optimum condition of plate sleeves to result in efficiencies and fast ROI through reduced costs and downtime.

Flexo Auxiliaries – Sleeve TIR & Surface Scan

Plate sleeves in flexo printing must be in good condition for consistent print quality. Any damage or wear that results in out of round, high or low spots can negatively impact print quality. Heaford’s range of precision TIR (Total Indicator Runout) & complete surface scan systems are engineered to check, record, track and predict the quality of your print sleeves.

  • Poor quality sleeves = poor quality print
  • Accurately measure and track sleeve quality
  • Quickly identify out of tolerance sleeves
  • An integral part of your quality assurance process
  • Historical data allows you to track and predict average life of sleeve
  • Reduces costs and downtime
  • Highly cost effective with fast ROI

Protect your sleeves and your operators whilst achieving clean cuts/joints on your flexo plates and tape with our range of cutting systems
Apply tape faster, more precisely and more consistently with our range of operator friendly tape holders and applicators

Flexo Auxiliaries – Sleeve Preparation Station

Plate & Tape Demounter

Prepare your sleeves offline with this easy-to-use device for removing plate and tape / applying tape. Avoids damage to plates, often seen with manual plate removal, and reduces the risk of operator injury (RSI)

  • Vastly reduced plate damage
  • Significantly reduces all costs associated with damaged plates
  • Health & Safety – eliminates the risk of operator RSI
  • Dual purpose plate/tape removal and tape application unit
  • Plates are ‘driven’ not ‘pulled’ off the sleeves
  • Fast ROI
  • Not dependent on operator’s skill/experience
  • Simple to operate

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