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Published on November 22, 2021

Heaford gravure proof press in Malaysia still going strong after 27 years

As a global supplier of high-quality mounting and proofing machines and auxiliary equipment dedicated to improving prepress efficiency and productivity, we rely on the feedback of our customers, partners, agents and team worldwide to keep us on the right track!  And, it’s never more satisfying than when we receive feedback like this, thank you Dindings!

Here’s what Dindings Engraving, Malaysia had to say about their Heaford Gravure Proof Press

Colin Chong, CEO, Dindings Engraving Malaysia:  “Heaford equipment is very long-lasting and reliable. We purchased our first roto-gravure cylinder proof press 27 years ago, and it’s still up and running.  Bravo to Heaford!”

With over 600 machines currently in service (some over 35 years old!) and for customers who want repeatable quality proofs without compromise, year after year, this is the proofing press of choice for the world’s leading cylinder manufacturers and converters for the past 40 years.

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