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Published on November 30, 2021

Hakim’s story

Being good with his hands and very practically minded, it was, perhaps, to be expected that Hakim would become an engineer.

It was whilst he was studying engineering at Blackburn College that Hakim started looking for an apprenticeship in industry and after a series of applications, Hakim was invited to an interview at Heaford; since then has never looked back!

As a Mechatronics Apprentice, he had the opportunity to learn whilst on the job with the benefit of day release to complete his formal qualifications.  Working with the team on the factory floor and service he learnt fast and #TeamHeaford were enthusiastic to share their knowledge and experience with him. Colleagues simplified the complex where needed and took time to help him acquire the practical skills to complement the HND he was studying for on day release to become a qualified engineer.

Fast forward 4 years and Hakim is a time served, fully trained Mechatronics Engineer keen to get to work in the field on service and installations.

Hakim commented: “From day one I got such a warm welcome and strong encouragement at Heaford.  It’s a great place to work, I have learnt so much from everyone.”

We asked Andy Lomas, Operations Manager, how Hakim was getting on since qualifying, here’s what he said: “Hakim’s doing great!  He is already building machines by himself now and that’s thanks to his hard work and dedication but also to the support of his supervisor Paul Robson, who, incidentally, started at Heaford in 1987 as an Apprentice and upskilled to an engineer in 1997.  I should also add that he is already training one of our new apprentices and here he is showing Jake the camera alignment and mounting process on a mounter for flexible packaging”