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The proof press can be fitted with an electrostatic assist system (ESA) to maximise the transfer of ink from fine tone areas onto substrates down to a 2% dot
Simplify and speed up cleaning of cylinders before and after proofing with our range of Pneumatic and hydraulic wash off systems to suit both shafted and shaftless (sleeve) cylinders
The ink suction unit uses a vacuum to remove surplus ink from the dam at the end of a proof. Significant time and chemicals are saved in the cleaning process. The unit is pneumatic so safe for solvent inks and all chemicals

Gravure Proof Press

Introducing the Heaford gravure proofing press: the industry’s choice for over 40 years.


The proofing press of choice for the world’s leading cylinder manufacturers and converters for the past 40 years, most of which are still in daily operation. Over 600 machines currently in service globally. Ideal for customers who want repeatable quality proofs without compromise, year after year.


  • Consistent proof results – day in, day out – year after year
  • Production matched proofs without the press downtime
  • Extremely stable design, proven the world over
  • Proofing pressures up to 8000kg
  • Range of widths to suit industry type – from flexibles to widest decorative markets
  • Proofs to the finest detail, production match, down to 2% dot
  • Proofs with all types of production ink – solvent, water, metalized
  • Options for both shafted and shaftless cylinders
  • Various models, designs and sizes available to suit customer requirements
  • Web widths up to 4200mm(165”)
  • Proof length up to 5000mm(197”)

Why Choose Heaford?

With a track record of delivering unmatched proofing quality, our gravure proofing presses have earned the trust of leading cylinder manufacturers and converters worldwide. Experience consistent, high-quality proofs year after year.

Heaford gravure proofing presses combine advanced features and stable designs to offer production-matched proofs without disruptive press downtime. With proofing pressures up to 8000kg and a cambered proofing drum, it accommodates various industry needs, from flexibles to the widest decorative prints. 

Enjoy exceptional detail reproduction, down to a remarkable 2% dot, and the versatility to work with various production inks, including solvent, water and metallised. Customisation options allow you to tailor the press to your specific requirements, whether you require shafted or shaftless cylinders. Catering for cylinder widths up to 2850mm(112″) and proof length capabilities up to 5,000mm (197″), Heaford’s gravure proofing presses offer unrivalled flexibility for your proofing needs.

Gravure Proofing Presses

Heaford gravure proofing presses offer a range of benefits that empower you to achieve exceptional proofing quality and streamline your printing workflow.

Unmatched Proofing Quality

Experience consistent and reliable proofing results that meet the highest standards. Eliminate variations and ensure precision in every proof, allowing you to showcase your designs confidently, knowing the print will be in register and that any errors on the print cylinder have been identified prior to printing, thus eliminating on press approvals.

Production Matched Proofs

All press parameters including ink and substrate are used so that proofs match gravure printing press output. Minimise press downtime and maintain optimal productivity with production-matched proofs. Seamlessly integrate the proofing process into your workflow without disruptions, maximising your press time and profitability.

Proven Design, Stability and Performance

Benefit from highly stable presses operated and trusted by industry professionals worldwide for decades. Enjoy unwavering performance, project after project, and have peace of mind knowing that your proofing results will consistently match your on press results or prove the integrity of your cylinder manufacturing.

Versatile and Customisable

The gravure proofing press caters to your specific needs with various features and customisation options. It offers a wide range of proofing pressures, a cambered proofing drum, and a variety of widths and proof lengths to suit different industry applications, ensuring flexibility and adaptability. A wide range of options are available to meet your unique demands.

Fine Detail Reproduction

Achieve proofs that capture the finest details, even down to a remarkable 2% dot. The press is engineered to reproduce intricate designs accurately, showcasing the precision and quality of your cylinder engraving and on press reproduction.

Compatible with Various Inks

Work with confidence using different types of production inks, including solvent, water, and metallised options that accurately mirror those used on press. The presses accommodate your preferred ink type, providing flexibility and versatility in your proofing process. Production ink formulations can be determined at the proofing stage.

Options for Shafted and Shaftless Cylinders

Choose the cylinder support design to match the type of cylinders you need to proof. Our gravure proofing presses offer shafted and shaftless cylinder options, allowing you to customise the press according to your operational needs.

Gravure Proofing Press FAQs

Please see a selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding our gravure proof presses.

What is a gravure proofing press used for?

A gravure proofing press replicates the characteristics of the gravure printing process, allowing printers and converters to assess and approve the print quality, colour accuracy, and overall appearance of the final printed substrate prior to a full production run. The Heaford gravure proofing presses allow cylinder manufactures to proof the accuracy of the engraving and ensure there are no errors or omissions. Printers often use gravure proofing presses for customer approvals and prototype designs which accurately match those achieved on press, using the same substrates and inks, without the loss of valuable press production time.

How does the gravure proofing press work?

A gravure proofing press works by replicating the gravure printing process on a smaller scale to produce high-quality proofs. Here is a simplified explanation of how it operates;

  1. Substrate: The substrate to be used for the proof is wrapped around the proofing drum. This substrate is often the same substrate used in production.
  2. Cylinder: The operator prepares the press by loading the engraved cylinder into the proof press.
  3. Ink Application: The ink is applied into an inking dam between the doctor blade and cylinder. The excess ink is wiped off by the doctor blade which meters the amount of ink transferred to the substrate via the engraved cells in the cylinder.
  4. Ink Transfer: As the proofing drum rotates the substrate comes into contact with the inked engraved cylinder. The ink is transferred from the cylinder to the substrate through pressure and contact.
  5. Impression: The pressure ensures correct ink transfer, while the cylinder’s rotation helps to create a continuous and uniform impression on the substrate. This pressure can be adjusted to match the types of inks, substrates and artwork to be proofed.

What proof length and widths are available on the proofing presses?

The proofing presses are available in an impressive range in terms of proof lengths and widths. They can accommodate cylinder widths of up to 4200mm(165”), allowing for proofing a wide range of printing applications. 
Regarding proof length, the gravure proofing presses can support proof lengths of up to 5000mm(197 inches). 

Why choose Heaford?

Heaford’s gravure proofing presses have been the preferred choice of leading cylinder manufacturers and converters for over 40 years. Our consistent proofing quality, stable design, and versatility sets us apart, making us the trusted solution provider for repeatable and high-quality proofs. Our timeless designs are manufactured to the highest quality standards resulting in many gravure proof presses still in daily production, many after 35+ years of service.

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