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We collaborate closely with industry partners for continual learning & improvement

Press Manufacturers

At the forefront of printing press technology

The major press manufacturers work tirelessly to drive quality, flexibility and efficiency. We work closely with them to stay in tune with their latest developments and ensure we design our products to complement their new technologies. Heaford flexographic plate mounting machines can be experienced in the demo centres of most of the world’s leading press manufacturers.

Supplier Network

Quality and precision built on collaboration and trust

We’re careful to select our suppliers based on quality, reliability and innovation, not on price.

A select group of local UK sub-contractors provide us with bespoke parts, whilst world-leading industrial suppliers with global supply chains and support infrastructures provide commercial components and systems. We build each and every Heaford machine without compromise.

Industry Bodies and Academic Institutions

Committed to continuous improvement and product innovation

Affiliation with trade bodies and academic institutions is key to driving advancements in the flexographic printing industry. Experts and leading academics come together to share knowledge and best practice, supporting continuous improvement, next generation training and sustainability. Heaford is a long-standing member of the Flexographic Trade Association (FTA), contributing to the scholarship programme, and has been a European Flexographic Industry Association (EFIA) board member since 2013.