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Narrow Web Flexo Plate Mounters

178mm(7″) – 900mm(35.4″) Print Width

Heaford’s narrow web flexo plate mounters offer customers an exceptional range of precision-engineered solutions tailored specifically for narrow web flexographic printing and customised for the specific needs of each individual user. At Heaford, we recognise the distinct demands of the label printing, envelope, direct mail, in both the flexographic and digital hybrid printing industries. Our narrow web mounters are individually designed ensuring unmatched precision, efficiency, simplicity of operation and overall performance.

Whether you are a start-up, a single press converter, multi-press operation or global business, Heaford has the ideal solution to help you achieve optimum pre-press efficiency.

ELS Range – Label & Envelope

Ideal for start-ups and smaller converters looking for quality mounting.

FTS Range – Label & Envelope

Our award-winning FTS range is arguably the faster mounter on the market.

AutoMounter – Label & Envelope

Fully automatic mounter delivers accurate mounting first time every time.

Enhance your flexographic printing process

Heaford’s narrow plate mounters are the perfect solution for converters who demand exceptional print quality, reliable performance, and streamlined production processes. With our plate mounters, you can optimise your prepress workflow, reduce setup times, and achieve accurate and repeatable plate registration for every print run.

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Our narrow plate mounters are the perfect solution for converters who demand exceptional print quality, reliable performance, and streamlined production processes.

Narrow Web Flexo Mounters: Key Features and Benefits

Exceptional Build Quality

Our narrow web flexo plate mounters are built to the highest standards, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability even in the most demanding production environments.

Improved Production Efficiencies

By investing in Heaford plate mounters, you can significantly reduce setup times, minimise waste, and optimise overall productivity. Achieve faster job changeovers and maximise your output without compromising print quality.

Ease of Use

Designed with user-friendliness in mind, Heaford plate mounters offer intuitive controls and simplified operation. Operators quickly adapt to using the mounters resulting in fast and accurate plate mounting.

Consistent Mounting Accuracy

Achieve precise plate-to-plate registration, ensuring sharp and consistent print results throughout your production runs. Our narrow web flexo plate mounters deliver superior mounting accuracy for optimum print quality.

Multiple Press Types

Select models specifically designed for sleeves, cylinders or both, with customisable options to support multiple press types on a single plate mounter. Create a tailored solution that best matches your requirements to cover your complete range of presses.


Please see a selection of commonly asked questions regarding narrow web flexo.

Can I use a narrow web flexo plate mounter with different press types?

Yes, the plate mounters are designed to be compatible with different types of presses. These mounters are versatile, we have mounters for both sleeve and cylinder presses and are engineered to be compatible with all major press manufacturers’ cylinders and sleeves.

How do I choose the right narrow web flexo plate mounter for my business?

Choosing the right narrow web flexo plate mounter for your business requires careful consideration of several factors. Here are some key points to help you make an informed decision;

Web width and repeat length: Consider your printing press’s overall cylinder width and repeat length. 

Mounting accuracy and registration: Look for a plate mounter engineered to deliver consistently high mounting accuracy to ensure precise print registration. This is crucial for achieving consistent print quality and minimising waste.

Automation level: Consider the desired level of automation in your production process. Depending on your workflow, efficiency goals and operator skill levels you can choose from manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic plate mounters. Automated systems ensure mounting consistency and eliminate the risks of operator error.

Ease of use and maintenance: Evaluate the user-friendliness of the plate mounter, including the ease of operation, training requirements, and maintenance procedures. A user-friendly and reliable system can minimise downtime and improve overall efficiency.

Cost and return on investment (ROI): Compare the cost of different plate mounter models and consider the long-term ROI they can provide. Look for a balance between the upfront investment and the potential productivity gains, reduced waste, and improved print quality. Investigate the ongoing support costs and lifetime of the equipment.

Reputation and support: Research the manufacturer’s reputation and consider their after-sales support and service. A reliable and reputable manufacturer will ensure ongoing assistance, spare parts availability, upgrades and technical support.

What additional features are available for narrow web flexo plate mounters?

Narrow web flexo plate mounters can be equipped with various additional features to enhance their functionality and performance. These may include motorised cameras for precise camera positioning, advanced video systems for improved accuracy, and adjustable cutting knives for efficient plate and tape-cutting as well as tape application systems.