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Protect your sleeves and your operators whilst achieving clean cuts/joints on your flexo plates and tape with our range of cutting systems
Apply tape faster, more precisely and more consistently with our range of operator friendly tape holders and applicators
Press manufacturers are working tirelessly to reduce start up waste through accurate pre-setting. We have a range of solutions to match your mounter to your press pre-setting system
For manual mounters without motorised cameras, LED display showing positional data in the X axis significantly aides operator set-up negating the need of a tape ruler
Significantly reduce job set up and repeatability when mounting multiple plates. Plate positions can be input, taught, or imported. Recall or edit jobs quickly from the database of stored jobs

FTS Range Mounters

Label & Envelope Semi-Auto Versions

Experience the award-winning FTS range, setting the benchmark for global label and envelope converters. Boasting Heaford’s game-changing patented design, it stands unrivalled as the fastest mounter on the market. This is the go-to model for converters seeking a swift, repeatable process that brings both efficiency and precision.


  • Fastest mounter in the industry
  • User-friendly and simple to operate
  • Consistently delivers high mounting accuracy
  • Quick learning curve with minimal training
  • Offers a speedy return on investment (ROI)
  • Specially designed to avoid plate damage
  • Versatile configuration to accommodate multiple presses on a single mounter
  • Suitable for various cylinder/sleeve types
  • Available in both cylinder and sleeve configurations
  • Supports web widths up to 700mm(27.5″)
  • Covers repeats from 155mm(6″) to 875mm(24″)
  • Optional max web width 900mm(35.4″)
  • Optional max repeats up to 876mm(34.5″)

Associated Products:

  • Sleeve exchange unit
  • Tape application unit

Semi-Automatic Label & Envelope Mounter


  • High mounting accuracy
  • Minimal training required
  • Extremely simple to operate
  • Fast ROI


  • Available in either cylinder or sleeve dedicated models
  • Web widths available: 500mm(19.6″), 700mm(27.5″) or 900mm(35.4″)
  • Repeat range 155mm(6″) up to 610mm(24″) or 876mm(34.4″)
  • 21.5” touch screen colour monitor
  • Centre laser for plate alignment
  • Toolless quick change adaptors
  • Two 50x magnification digital HD colour cameras


  • Rear or pivoting arm tape roll application units
  • Tape & Plate cutting units
  • Pre-register alignment systems
  • Camera measurement
  • Motorised camera option
  • Sleeve exchange unit (for mounting sleeves in a cylinder mounter)

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