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Published on January 10, 2023

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Kiyoplas is a packaging division of Grupo Panco; a well-known brand in bakery and food products in the Brazilian Market.

Active in the market for more than 40 years, both in rigid (bread and vegetable baskets) and flexible packaging, Kiypolas have been printing with rotogravure for more than 25 years and have now acquired a flexographic printing press. Together with this investment they also purchased a semi-automatic medium web plate mounter (Model 1300 2CM) from Heaford.

Kiyoplas have now been working with Heaford for a year with the first machine being installed at the beginning of 2022.

Here’s what Henrique Lewi – General Manager of Kiyoplas said about Heaford: “We are very satisfied with Heaford. During the acquisition process they have given us all the information needed, particularly in meetings and written communication with Nick Vindel and Fernando Albuquerque. They also gave excellent support for the import process.

Once the machine arrived in Brazil, their local technical support (Henrique Gerstmann) visited several times to see where the machine would be installed, to overlook the instalment and to train the team. Please note that all this technical support was very important to us, as we are new in flexographic printing, compared to rotogravure where we have worked for more that 25 years. Many thanks to Heaford and all its staff”

Nick Vindel, Latin America Sales Manager for Heaford said: “The sales process with Kiyoplas was highly satisfying. It is of great importance to walk the customer through all the technological jargon and explain why certain features are what is needed, and not just try and sell the most expensive mounter. Their thorough multi-department purchasing process was conducted, due to the pandemic, entirely by Zoom calls. Meeting Henrique Lewi finally in person this year and seeing how satisfied he was with all the team involved and our product and service is exactly why I like working for Heaford. A great team effort.”