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Published on April 27, 2022

Accurate mounting first time every time

With the Heaford Label/Envelope AutoMounter you can be sure that it will deliver accurate mounting first time every time, independent of operator skill level or competence.

Fully automatic plate positioning and laydown eliminates press downtime caused by poorly mounted plates and delivers a fast ROI.

Automatic mounting is fast but the greater advantage of automatic mounting is the accuracy and the repeatability, independent of the operator. This ensures that plates are mounted right first time and every time, eliminating remounts and it doesn’t rely on the skill of the operator.

It’s not all about speed and we have many customers with experienced operators who can mount 6 plates accurately in 4 minutes using our revolutionary FTS mounter.

However, when an experienced operator has an unplanned absence and a new person is using a mounter they are unfamiliar with the speed can drop  significantly due to their inexperience, with a possible reduction in accuracy too. The Automounter eliminates that risk.

The recent article in Labels & Labelling provides a detailed overview of Automatic mounting.

Take a look at the videos of all our label range here , where you can compare plates mounted  on manual, semi-automatic and automatic  mounters.