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Published on February 16, 2024

Agent Spotlight – Disinsa – Your Trusted Partner in Flexible Packaging Solutions

We are thrilled to shine the spotlight this month on DISINSA, a seasoned player in the flexible packaging and roll-fed labels sector, boasting nearly three decades of expertise. As part of a dynamic group of companies, including Plastinor and Caribbean Plastics, DISINSA excels in the field of flexible packaging and labels.

Comprehensive Service and Trusted Partnership

DISINSA, a team of 12 dedicated professionals covering administration, finance, logistics, sales, warehousing, and dispatch, takes pride in offering a comprehensive service.

As authorised agents for renowned brands like Heaford, Comexi, Reifenhaeuser, Flexo Wash, Harper, Swed Cut, Taghleef, Morchem, Huber, TESA, and JBF Films, DISINSA ensures an end-to-end solution for its clients.

The company also acts as distributors of generic products, such as packaging inks, sticky back, anilox cleaners, and other cleaning items. This vast inventory caters to the diverse needs of large, small, and medium-sized customers, emphasising local accessibility over imports.

Customer-Centric Approach

DISINSA places immense value on its customers, considering them as the backbone of its growth. The strong, reciprocal relationships between DISINSA and its clientele have been pivotal in decision-making processes during equipment and input purchases, especially in challenging times.

Partnership with Heaford

The association with Heaford began through a pursuit of reputable suppliers, driven by the desire for quality assurance and robust support for customers. International Sales Manager at Heaford, Nick Vindel reached out to DISINSA, seeking an agent to establish a presence in the Dominican Republic market and explore opportunities in narrow and wide web applications.

Janina Lamourtte of DISINSA comments “Heaford’s make robust and reliable machines, known for their quality and durability. The innovative approach and commitment to staying ahead of the competition further contribute to the positive collaboration. The experienced sales and service teams, particularly Mr. Nick Vindel, are highlighted as key elements of Heafords strengths, showcasing a profound understanding of customer needs.”

DISINSA expresses high satisfaction with Heaford’s after-sales service, emphasising its role in ensuring customer loyalty and future purchases. Technical challenges, often stemming from operator inexperience, are promptly addressed by the responsive and committed technical service team.

Disensa customers, Multigestiones Ayax, praise Heaford’s plate mounter for its accuracy, efficient mounting times, ease of use, and reliability. The machine’s structural design and operator-friendly features contribute to a positive overall experience.

Customer ICP highlighted the accuracy achieved through Heaford’s Automounter –  automatic plate mounter, resulting in high-quality prints. The ease of mounting is emphasized, setting Heaford apart from other prepress equipment suppliers.