Hakim Ali began his career at Heaford as a Mechatronic Apprentice in 2017 and is now fully trained and able to build a machine from start to finish including wiring and commissioning.

Hakim now enjoys going to customer sites around the world to help support the service team.  He has acquired a good level of knowledge on the Heaford machines, especially on the electrical side. He continues to learn so he can become more confident on the software and commissioning side of things and completed his first solo install in Mexico last year .

So, when Hakim enquired about work experience for his younger brother, we were happy to help.

Mahfuz Ali (known as Ali) is currently studying Level 3 BTEC Engineering at Manchester College and joined Team Heaford for 2 weeks work experience shadowing his brother Hakim in January 2023.

During his time with us, Ali showed great interest and knowledge and he certainly seemed to enjoy building the machines and pushed to understand what he was doing and why.

Andy Lomas commented .“ Hakim explained that Ali was in college studying Engineering and following the same education path as Hakim had, so it made sense to see if it runs in the family, and from what we have seen of him, it does.  Best of luck Ali.”

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