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Published on January 18, 2024

Heaford Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation and Dedication: A Tribute to Long-Serving Staff

Heaford proudly stands at the forefront of pre-press efficiency, celebrating 40 years of excellence. This milestone not only marks the longevity of our commitment to quality but also honours the dedication of our long-serving team members. Among them, Nigel Heaford, Paul Robson, and Andrea Irvine are just a few who have played pivotal roles in shaping our journey.

Nigel Heaford:  International Sales Manager and Legacy Holder

Joining Heaford in 1982 when his father John founded the company, Nigel has been an instrumental force in our international sales and service.  As the International Sales Manager covering the UK, Middle East, Australasia, and East Asia, Nigel has witnessed the constant evolution of the industry. For him, the best part of his role is navigating the ever-developing printing landscape.

Nigel commented “What’s the best thing about working at Heaford? A good team of people and quality machines that customers appreciate.”

Over the years, he has seen flexographic printing take over a significant portion of gravure market, marking a transformative change in the industry’s landscape. Beyond the world of printing, Nigel finds joy in motorcycles, hill walking, and quality family time.

Paul Robson:  A Journey from Labourer to Shopfloor Supervisor

Paul Robson’s Heaford journey began in 1987 as a labourer. His dedication and determination saw him quickly transitioning to machine work and ascending the ranks. Achieving an ONC in Mechanical Engineering in 1997, Paul became the Shopfloor Supervisor in March 2011.

For Paul, the best part of his role is the opportunity to teach and pass on knowledge to his team. He values the camaraderie within Heaford and appreciates the company’s commitment to job security. Although he has stepped back from traveling as part of his service responsibilities, Paul remains an integral part of our team.

As a Shopfloor Supervisor, he has navigated significant changes in his working approach, especially with the introduction of lean projects like the 5S initiative.

Andrea Irvine:  35 Years of Adapting and Excelling

Andrea Irvine, Sales Accounts Assistant, has been at the heart of Heaford’s operations for over 35 years. Joining as an Office Junior straight from college in 1988, Andrea has witnessed the company’s growth and evolution.

Having transitioned from various roles involving proposals, purchases, shipping, and invoicing, Andrea now spearheads the sales ledger, credit control, payroll, and other accounting tasks. Her adaptability and willingness to embrace challenges make her an invaluable member of our team.

Reflecting on her journey, Andrea shares, “I have met lots of great people, colleagues, and have seen many changes within the company.” Her commitment to excellence and passion for the business make her an exemplary contributor to Heaford’s success.

As we celebrate 40 years of innovation, these long-serving members embody the spirit of Heaford, contributing to our legacy of quality, teamwork, and adaptability. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Nigel, Paul, Andrea, and all our team members for their dedication and invaluable contributions.

Here’s to the next 40 years of pushing boundaries and setting new standards in pre-press efficiency.