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Published on October 6, 2022

Impressive return on investment

Customers have been relying on Bulldog Bag’s creative strength since they opened in 1965 with one machine and an unwavering commitment to finding the right solution to each customer’s packaging needs. Today, Bulldog combines nearly five decades of experience with innovative technology to ensure that they provide custom tailored products and service to ensure consistent quality and on-time delivery to their customers across Western North America and beyond.

Here’s what Bulldog Bag had to say about Heafords:

“We find the AutoMounter extremely easy to use, and the accuracy is amazing.  As the number of jobs stored in the memory increases, our mounting times get faster.  It was a great decision to purchase from Heaford.”

Plant Manager, Bulldog Bag Ltd, Canada

Bulldog Bag were one of the first companies to purchase a Heaford AutoMounter having received a demonstration at Drupa 2016 where it was first exhibited. Indeed that same machine was shipped to Bulldog a few months after the show. Heaford,  Canflexo (Heaford’s long standing Canadian agent) and Bulldog have a long history with the first Heaford plate mounter being supplied to them in 2000. One of the key factors in Bulldog’s decision to purchase another Heaford mounter was the excellent service response along with the ongoing reliability and the resulting impressive return on investment.