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Published on February 22, 2023

Meet Walter Siguenza – representing Heaford across Central America since 2012

Walter Siguenza is the owner of Go Print Representaciones, based in El Salvador and has been the Heaford representative for all of Central America since 2012.

Go Print also represent other leading brands in the flexible packaging market including Comexi, Alpine, BST, Alphasonics, Apex and Omet and so are well placed to serve a wide variety of customers.

Walter has cemented Heaford’s position as the leading supplier of mounting machines in the region, selling a whole spectrum of machines across all our industries. He is very customer focused, continually travelling between countries in Central America listening to customer requests and helping them technically. He must have a lot of air miles!

We asked Walter what he liked most about working with Heaford here’s what he said: “What I like most about being Heaford’s agent is the reliability of their equipment and the excellent support of my company. Their after sales service is excellent with problems that can be resolved remotely. The service with problems that require a technician visit is improved with local service, since bringing technicians from abroad is very expensive. Customer feedback is excellent on Heaford machines for their reliability, quality and durability. The technological advances that are incorporated into the machines are also highlighted”.