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Published on October 4, 2023

AR Print and Heaford – a 28-year partnership in Buenos Aires

In the vibrant heart of Buenos Aires, where the rich culture of Argentina meets the bustling world of flexographic and rotogravure printing, an enduring partnership has thrived since 1995. This remarkable journey began in 1994 when AR Print was founded by a group of professionals with an unwavering commitment to the flexible packaging industry.

It was at the DRUPA 1995 when destiny intervened, and Heaford and AR Print first crossed paths. Little did they know that this would evolve into a flourishing collaboration. Notably, it was during this very show that AR Print proudly sold their inaugural Heaford machine, marking the start of a partnership that would stand the test of time.

AR Print’s admiration for Heaford extends far beyond just the impressive machines. What truly sets Heaford apart for AR Print is not only the speed of their response but also their continuous investment in sales tools. From informative newsletters to interactive videoconferences with clients, and demo videos, Heaford’s commitment to sales development has made AR Print’s journey remarkably smooth.

However, the real essence of this partnership lies in the personal touch. Heaford have consistently extended a professional yet familial treatment to AR Print with every interaction marked by warmth and expertise.

AR Print commented “the technical team at Heaford has been an invaluable resource, providing advice and support that facilitates AR Print’s work with client. They are renowned for their quick and ideal response to queries, ensuring a seamless experience for AR Print and its clients.”

One of the key aspects that AR Print holds dear is the robustness and scalability of Heaford machines. Some of their equipment has been in operation for over 20 years and continues to work flawlessly. What’s more, a significant portion of these machines can be updated, transforming from analogue to digital technology, and offering various add-on options. This adaptability ensures that AR Print remains at the forefront of technological advancements, meeting the ever-evolving needs of the printing industry.

It is clear that after sales service can make or break a partnership. Fortunately, AR Print’s experience with Heaford has always been stellar. Whether installing equipment with on-site assistance from the Heaford Team or with remote support, the results have been consistently excellent. This commitment to post-sale service has cemented Heaford’s reputation as a trusted partner.

AR Print’s clients continue to provide valuable feedback stating that Heaford has become a benchmark in the market, synonymous with quality equipment and unwavering post-sale support. Many of AR Print’s clients who already have a Heaford plate mounter installed choose Heaford again without hesitation when incorporating new mounting equipment. This resounding vote of confidence speaks volumes about the enduring excellence of Heaford machines and the unparalleled support provided.

Nick Vindel, Latam international sales manager adds “I have always had the utmost respect for all the team at AR Print, who continue to promote and sell Heaford products under very challenging economic conditions. Their offering and professionalism, from management, sales and service is to be admired and applauded”

In the bustling print industry of Buenos Aires, the partnership between AR Print and Heaford stands as a testament to enduring commitment, technical prowess, and exceptional customer service.  Thank you, AR Print, for your continued support and commitment to prepress efficiency and Heaford, it’s our pleasure to work with you.