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Published on January 5, 2023

Representing the best-in-class in South Africa

Beswick Machinery was founded nearly 40 years ago as a specialist supplier to the South African packaging, printing and converting industries.

They represent the worlds’ leading original equipment manufacturers and suppliers of ancillary products for the printing and converting of packaging.

The Beswick team have more than 10 service and support staff all of whom have many years’ experience of the equipment they supply and service.

Whilst flexo and gravure printing equipment have been part of the Beswick portfolio for over 30 years they didn’t take on any plate mounting or proofing equipment initially. Although there were several mounter agencies on offer, Beswick always had their eye on Heaford and waited patiently for the former agent to retire before  approaching Heaford.

Representing the best-in-class OEMs across all sectors, Beswick Machinery knew that Heaford was the best on the market and offered the best solutions for their customers.

The Beswick Machinery team were always convinced that Heaford not only make the best mounting and proofing equipment, but have a proven record of providing excellent support through their sales and service teams.

Beswick Machinery commented “Our best experiences are when customers are using other brands and switch to Heaford, the reaction from the operators is always very positive. As humans it’s natural to resist change but when this change is embraced so enthusiastically it speaks volumes about functionality, quality and reliability of the new product.”