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Published on August 12, 2022

Saving time on plate mounting

Bolsa Pac Ltda. are a company in the packaging sector in Chile, dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of flexible packaging for all product, commercial and service items . They, offer a wide range of technical packaging according to their customers’ requirements

Bolsa Pac has state-of-the-art technology for all its processes, supported by continuous improvement systems, traceability and standards according to ISO 9000-2001 standard.

Bolsa Pac originally approached Heafords in February 2019, but it was in March 2019 at the Plastico Brasil 2019 trade show that discussions started between Bolsa Pac Owner Juan Riquelme and Heaford’s Nick Vindel.

From discussions on the size of flexographic printing press, their general mounting requirements and amount of jobs per day, it was decided that the MW 1000 2CM (semi-automatic) mounter was best suited to their requirements. This was  installed in August 2019 by Heafords local Latin American engineer, who also trained their operators in its ease of use.

Bolsa Pac Ltd commented “Installing our first Heaford machine has helped us to save 30% in  plate mounting time. Quality and after sales service are both excellent. Manuals are practical and easy to access.”

Nick Vindel, Sales Manager, Heaford added:  “Bolsa Pac are a leading converter in Chile with top of the range machinery producing excellent and innovative products. We have an excellent relationship with them and I am especially proud of our response to them after a natural disaster took down their mounter. We got them up and running in an incredibly short time period, drastically reducing their downtime. Reciprocally they have also helped us during the pandemic with a remote installation and training at another Chilean customer. Heaford are the leading supplier of plate mounters in Chile, and it is customers like Bolsa Pac that add to our continued success in the market.”