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Published on May 8, 2024

Spotlight on Heaford Agent Excelencia en Preprensa y E. de C.

In this spotlight article, we focus on our Agent, Excelencia en Preprensa. who represent Heaford in Mexico.

With a strong background in the printing industry and a wealth of experience, Director General, Fernando Garcia Herrera explains that the company consists of two divisions.

The first division involves serving as a sales representative for converting machinery. They specialise in various areas, including film extrusion, flexo and gravure printing, coating and extrusion coating machines, slitting, pouch making, bag making, and associated auxiliary equipment such as video inspection and control systems, viscosimeters, anilox, and more.

The second division focuses on digital pre-press and the production of flexographic plates using advanced processes, technology, and software. With a deep understanding of the flexographic printing process, Fernando and his team excel in providing pre-press services and delivering high-quality flexographic plates.

Fernando’s extensive industry experience spans over 30 successful years having previously worked as a Plant Manager at a converting plant where he managed a team of 400 people and oversaw various operations, including 14 extrusion lines, 6 flexographic presses, ink preparation, flexographic plate making, colour ink matching and recovery, 17 bag making machines, lamination, and slitting. This hands-on experience has provided him with invaluable knowledge and expertise in both technical and managerial aspects of the printing industry.

Fernando’s association with Heaford began many years ago through his previous employment as a sales representative and he has worked with many members of the Heaford family, including founder John Heaford, then Mike Heaford and Sally Anne Heaford. Since 2013 Fernando has been working with Nick Vindel as international sales manager with the relationship over the years evolving into a good friendship.

Nick Vindel, International Sales Manager at Heaford commented “Fernando has a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as being known by the majority of the industry and he has a huge contacts list. Fernando continues to thrive as an agent, providing outstanding service and innovative solutions to his customers.  His commitment to customer satisfaction, including personally installing the mounters is impressive, he plays a pivotal role in extending Heaford’s reach into the Mexican market.”

Sally-Anne Heaford added “We are proud to be working with Fernando and his colleagues at Excelencia en Preprensa, their market knowledge and experience is second to none. We really value the longevity of our collaboration together and the friendships that has led to.”

Fernando told us: “I hold JM Heaford in high regard, considering it one of the best companies I have worked with, especially when it comes to commitment to maintaining machine uptime. Heaford’s dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction and the continuous performance of their mounters and proofers, often with minimal maintenance requirements is clear and my customers greatly appreciate the simplicity and longevity of Heaford machines.”