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Published on April 3, 2024

Strengthening Ties with Long-Standing Customer MP&H Packaging

In a proactive move to fortify our relationship with one of our long-standing customers, the Heaford finance team recently visited MP&H Packaging, a business known for its excellence in printed flexible packaging and labels. This initiative, prompted by a strategic focus on enhancing market awareness across full Heaford team to understand our customers’ needs also gave us a deeper insight into MP&H Packaging’s distinctive prepress requirements and business landscape.

MP&H Packaging, known for its exceptional quality and service in supplying printed flexible packaging and labels across various sectors including Pharmaceutical, Medical, Nutraceutical, Veterinary, Healthcare, and Health & Beauty, has been a loyal customer of Heaford since purchasing their first Heaford mounter in 2004. With four Heaford plate mounters now on site, the partnership has flourished over the years, built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

During the visit, Matt Kaye, Operations Manager at MP&H Packaging, expressed his appreciation for the Heaford team’s support and the value their plate mounters bring to their operations. “Heaford plate mounters ensure precision, speed, and reliability, enabling us to be more efficient and save time. The longevity of the plate mounters has been a significant asset to our production,” commented Kaye.

The Heaford team, took the opportunity to engage closely with MP&H Packaging’s staff, gaining insights into their workflow, challenges, and future goals. The extensive factory tour provided a comprehensive understanding of MP&H Packaging’s operations, allowing the Heaford team to tailor their support and services more effectively.

“We are grateful to MP&H Packaging for welcoming our team to their site and providing us with a thorough tour,” said Paul English expressing gratitude for the warm reception and the opportunity to strengthen their partnership.

This visit not only reaffirmed the strong bond between Heaford and MP&H Packaging but also highlighted the importance of collaboration. As both companies look towards the future, this visit serves as a testament to their commitment to delivering excellence in the packaging industry.