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Protect your sleeves and your operators whilst achieving clean cuts/joints on your flexo plates and tape with our range of cutting systems
For manual mounters without motorised cameras, LED display showing positional data in the X axis significantly aides operator set-up negating the need of a tape ruler
Improve efficiency, consistency and remove the risks of air bubbles often associated with ‘hand rolling’ using our silicone foam lay down roller. This applies an even pressure across the full width of the sleeve for both tape and plate application
Faster job set-up and elimination of operator errors in job set up with our barcode scanner and associated software to generate job cards & read barcodes for automatic entry of mounting co-ordinates via your company network
Help operators mount consistently with a simple visual traffic light system with user defined mounting tolerance. Featuring a target recognition system that works on all types of register marks
Automatically generate QA reports with images of mounted plates by colour along with positional data and variance (actual position v programmed position), Stored electronically in PDF format
The system has been designed to apply a consistent and controllable tension across the full width of the shim which ensures it remains flat, removes any edge curl and can enhance the mounting process
A vaccum system to assit with fixing the carrier shim to the table during mounting

Corrugated – Post Print Mounter

PPMT Range (2CE & 2CS)

A range of highly configurable, easy to use flat table post-print mounters. Manual and servo-motorised options available, along with connectivity to prepress systems.

  • Consistent repeatable mounting
  • Intuitive user interface
  • High magnification HD digital fixed focus colour camera system
  • Simple and quick to operate
  • Wide range of options
  • Connectivity to Esko, Hybrid and other prepress systems
  • Solid aluminium table with steel fabricated/welded support frame
  • Carrier sheet size up to 3600mm(142”)
  • Shim length up to 1680mm(66”)

Corrugated Post Print Mounting


Post print mounting made easy on our
highly configurable range of flat table
post print mounters featuring both
manual and servo positional cameras
– Intuitive user interface
– High magnification fixed focus HD colour camera system
– Connectivity to Esko, Hybrid and other pre-press systems
-Solid aluminum table with steel fabricated/welded support frame


Web widths available
– 2600mm(102″)
– 3000mm(118″)
– 3600mm(141″)
− Maximum carrier sheet length 1680mm(66″)
− Two 50x magnification colour digital inspection cameras
− 27” touch screen colour monitor
− Servo driven ball screw camera beam
− Servo driven cameras with high positional accuracy tolerance +/- 0.002 mm (2CS model)


– Barcode scanner
− Laydown roller
− Vacuum table
− Rear shim tensioner
− CheckMount

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