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Protect your sleeves and your operators whilst achieving clean cuts/joints on your flexo plates and tape with our range of cutting systems
Apply tape faster, more precisely and more consistently with our range of operator friendly tape holders and applicators
Damage to sleeves will most often result in a reduction in print quality. Measure, track and predict the condition of your sleeves with our range of TIR and Scanning devices
Press manufacturers are working tirelessly to reduce start up waste through accurate pre-setting. We have a range of solutions to match your mounter to your press pre-setting system
A table, powered pneumatically to advance and retract as required. Options to hold the rear and/or front half of the plate during mounting (this avoids the need to protect the rear half of the plate mounting tape on the sleeve with silicone release liner)
Improve efficiency, consistency and remove the risks of air bubbles often associated with ‘hand rolling’ using our silicone foam lay down roller. This applies an even pressure across the full width of the sleeve for both tape and plate application
Faster job set-up and elimination of operator errors in job set up with our barcode scanner and associated software to generate job cards & read barcodes for automatic entry of mounting co-ordinates via your company network
Help operators mount consistently with a simple visual traffic light system with user defined mounting tolerance. Featuring a target recognition system that works on all types of register marks

Corrugated – Pre-Print Mounter


A range of sleeve or cylinder mounters with servo-motorised cameras and mandrel for fast and accurate mounting.

  • Facilitates high mounting accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Proofing versions also available
  • Web widths up to 3000mm(118”)
  • Repeat from 500mm(20“) to 2500mm(98“)

Associated Products

  • Tape and plate demount unit
  • Sleeve preparation unit

Corrugated Pre-Print Mounting


A range of sleeve or cylinder mounters
with servo-motorised cameras and
mandrel for fast and accurate


– Web widths available up to a maximum of 3000mm(118”)
− Repeat range 500mm(20”) up to 2500mm(98”)
− Proofing versions also available upon request


− Barcode scanner
− CheckMount
− Front and rear plate support tables
− Plate and tape cutter
− Carriage style tape applicator
− Plate and tape laydown roller
− QA reporting
− TIR sleeve inspection

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