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Protect your sleeves and your operators whilst achieving clean cuts/joints on your flexo plates and tape with our range of cutting systems
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Sleeve Preparation & Demount Systems

Elevate your flexo operations with our Plate & Tape Demounter, a dual-purpose device tailored for offline sleeve preparation. This innovative system minimises plate damage, reduces associated costs, and eliminates the risk of operator Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). With a unique design, plates are gently ‘driven’ off sleeves rather than pulled, ensuring safety and efficiency. Available in various widths and repeat ranges, it offers easy sleeve loading and promotes an efficient pre-press workflow. Complemented by associated products like the Tape Carriage Unit and Vertical Tape Holder, it’s a holistic solution for streamlined sleeve preparation and demounting.

Plate & Tape Demounter

Preparation Unit

Dual purpose plate and tape demounting and tape application unit to handle sleeves. The mandrel is cantilevered for easy loading of sleeves using an air.

Allows the pre-press department to make ready and de-mount plates off press.


Available Widths:

  • 1350mm/53”
  • 1550mm/61”
  • 1800mm/70”

Repeat Range:

  • 1350mm/53”
  • 1500mm/59”

Associated Products

  • Tape carriage unit
  • Vertical tape holder

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