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Published on January 9, 2024

Heaford’s Global Reach: Recent Weeks Marked by Worldwide Machine Shipments

Heaford has been making waves in recent weeks with a flurry of activity as their cutting-edge machines find new homes across the globe. The dedicated team at Heaford has been working tirelessly to prepare and ship various machines, catering to the diverse needs of the flexographic industry.

ELS Range Reaches Diverse Corners

Heaford’s ELS Range, a testament to precision and efficiency in flexo plate mounting, has recently been dispatched to multiple destinations, showcasing our commitment to global accessibility. These state-of-the-art machines have found their way to Argentina, India, the Netherlands, Mexico, and Poland, reinforcing Heaford’s presence on multiple continents.  Learn more about the Heaford ELS range.

FTS Range Expands Across Continents

The FTS Range, another jewel in Heaford’s crown, designed for optimal flexo plate mounting, has seen an impressive journey across the seas. Destined for the USA, Mauritius, France, and Chile, these machines are set to make a significant impact in various print industries worldwide.  Explore the capabilities of the FTS Range here:

MW Manual Finds a Home in Germany

Heaford’s MW Manual, catering to the flexibles market, has made its way to Germany. This robust and versatile machine is poised to enhance the capabilities of German printing operations, showcasing Heaford’s dedication to meeting the specific needs of different markets.  Discover more about the MW Manual range

MW Semi Auto Heads to Peru

Peruvian printing industry players now benefit from the advanced features of Heaford’s MW Semi Auto, recently shipped to Peru. This semi-automatic solution represents a perfect blend of technology and ease of use, promising to elevate the standards of flexo plate mounting in the region.  Explore the MW Semi Auto range.

WW Semi Auto Reaches Canadian Shores

Canada welcomes Heaford’s WW Semi Auto, designed for wide web applications. With its recent shipment to Canada, this cutting-edge machine is set to play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and quality of wide web flexographic printing in the region. Dive into the features of the WW Semi-Automatic range.

As these machines find homes around the globe, Heaford continues to solidify its reputation as a leading force in the field of flexo plate mounting technology.