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Published on August 8, 2023

FTS 900 2CM semi-automatic plate mounter for mid web flexo

Mid web flexo printing has gained popularity, mainly due to answering needs for shorter and medium production runs with faster job changes and limited waste. These shorter runs and faster job changes typically mean a greater amount of plate mounts per day, which need to be both fast and accurate.

Heaford’s response to this sector is the dedicated mounter model FTS 900 2CM. This mounter builds on the spectacular success of the FTS model mounter, standard in today’s narrow web label market, but with increased table size to accommodate mid web presses, as well as 2 highly precise motorised camaras for mounting multiple plates across.  It available up to a width of 900mm and a repeat range from 155mm/5” to 876mm/34.5”, and in both sleeve and cylinder formats.

The mid web flexo printing market is serviced by most wide web press manufactures, such as W&H Miraflex S, Comexi F4 and the Uteco Onyx XS. However, some traditional narrow web press manufacturers are also venturing into wider format, including Nilpeter with its FA 26 line, Gallus’s Labelmaster, MPs’ EXL, Omets Varyflex V2, and Lombardi’s Invicta. All these models can be serviced by the FTS 900 2CM.

The FTS 900 2CM semi-automatic plate mounter uses a cushioned table to mount the plate which avoids plate damage through ‘stretching’ which is common with traditional mounters whilst also eliminating air bubbles between plate and tape. Due to its unique design, plate damage and tape damage is reduced and operators find it both easy to learn, easy to use and extremely fast. As it has 2 automatic cameras it’s ideally suited to mounting multiple plate across and multiple plate widths. Its database can hold over 100,000 jobs, so set up is extremely easy, especially for repeat jobs. Optional offline job set up and connectivity to customer networks is also available through the Heaford barcode application. A video of the mounter’s operation can be seen here

Nick Vindel, international sales manager at Heaford said “We have sold the FTS 900 2CM for the mid web flexo market for over 8 years following the requests of our customers for a dedicated mid web mounter, and we have now supplied them into 5 continents. Its ease of use, accuracy and speed make it an ideal choice for a dedicated mid web press where there are a large number of mounts per shift and where accuracy and register is essential to avoid lengthy and costly remounts.

Customers, also agree, with Roberts Taylor, of Surepak in the UK, who purchased an FTS 900 2CM in 2018, said, “We can strip a remount a full 8 colour job in less than 40 minutes, which I believe is exceptional for wide web printing”, and added, “I’m pleased to inform you that the plate mounter is working extremely well.

The accuracy of the machine is excellent too and we are now printing 150# screen as a standard, with fantastic results.

Heaford is known for its reliability, and the FTS 9002CM is no different, as another Latin American customer, who wants to remain anonymous, and who purchased an FTS 900 2CM for his new Comexi F4 in 2019 said “excellent machine, zero problems”.

So, if a customer is investing into the mid web market and wants a dedicated mounter to service the increased mounting demand to service shorter job runs, the FTS 900 2CM is a wise investment decision. It will mount quickly and accurately, reducing press downtime and delivering a fast ROI which is often less than 12 months.

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