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Published on July 14, 2023

Mayaprin expands into flexographic printing acquiring Heaford’s FTS 500 at Labelexpo Mexico

Mayaprin, a well-established web offset printing company in Guatemala, recently made a strategic decision to diversify its operations by entering the flexographic printing market. Led by General Manager Juan Pablo Mendez and Production Manager Priscilla Mendez, Mayaprin embarked on this new venture with the guidance of Heaford agent, Walter Siguenza from Go Print and Nick Vindel, International Sales Manager at Heaford.

As a company experienced in web offset printing, Mayaprin recognized the potential growth opportunities presented by flexographic printing. Acknowledging the crucial role of the plate mounter, Mayaprin dedicated time to understand the intricacies of flexographic printing and its associated equipment.

Starting from October 2022, Mayaprin engaged in extensive discussions between Priscilla Mendez, their knowledgeable Production Manager, and Walter Siguenza, their trusted agent from Go Print. Throughout numerous video conferences, Priscilla, Walter, and Nick Vindel provided valuable insights into the importance of plate mounters in flexographic printing. Their expertise guided Mayaprin’s decision-making process.

It wasn’t until Labelexpo Mexico that they got to witness the practical benefits of the FTS plate mounter first-hand.  Demonstrations on the stand showcasing the capabilities of the FTS further confirmed Mayaprin’s decision.

Mayaprin chose to invest in Heaford’s FTS 500 plate mounter. Renowned for its advanced features and robust technology, the FTS 500 perfectly aligned with Mayaprin’s commitment to delivering high-quality printing solutions. This acquisition marked a significant milestone in Mayaprin’s entry into the flexographic printing market.

Mayaprin’s expansion into flexographic printing through the acquisition of Heaford’s FTS 500 opens new doors for the company. With this market leading equipment, Mayaprin is poised to offer enhanced print quality and improved efficiency to its customers.

We wish them every success.