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Published on February 10, 2023

National Apprenticeship Week 2023

As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2023 we caught up with some of our current Apprentices at Heaford to see how they are getting on, these are their stories so far …

Dylan Cossey joined Heaford on the 2nd August 2021 as a Mechanical Fitter Apprentice with a City & Guilds Level 3 qualification in Mechanical Engineering.

Now, in year 2 of a 4 year apprenticeship, he attends college 1 day each week where his training so far has included units on Materials, H&S, Maths, Mechanical Principles and Electrical Principles. Whilst his on the job training onsite has encompassed  building a Heaford FTS, Gravure build training, general spares orders and working alongside fitters on larger builds.

Dylan tells us he has enjoyed meeting the team, settling in and getting to know everyone. He particularly enjoys how each stage of a machine build is so different to the other.

When asked, what’s the best thing about an apprenticeship at Heaford, Dylan commented:  “How understanding everyone is while I am learning, and the effort that is put in to help me to learn. The mix of work is interesting and the variety of skills being taught is very interesting too.”

Jake Higgins also joined Heaford in 2021 but Jake came onboard  as an Apprentice Mechatronic Fitter.

Now in year 2  of a 4 year apprenticeship he has completed a diploma in Advanced Manufacturing Engineering (Foundation Competence) at college.

Jake’s on the job training has so far included building an Heaford ELS, wiring up FTS machines, setting up and programming the Heaford Digital Vision System setting and panel wiring training.

Jake told us that he really enjoys building the ELS from start to finish and being able to create a fully working machine alone which makes him feel very proud.   “Once I’ve completed a build, my machines (like everyone else’s) are fully checked by a colleague, including plate mounting, before being signed off ready for shipment.”

We also asked Jake, what’s the best thing about an apprenticeship at Heaford, he answered:   Working at Heaford really helps bring the training at college to life and also helps me understand it much more. My confidence has also increased since working at Heaford due to feeling part of the team.”

Our thanks go to both Dylan and Jake for the valuable contribution they make to Team Heaford!

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