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Published on February 14, 2023

Reaching far flung places

When international company Essity needed an urgent installation of a Heaford 2.8m wide 2CS mounter, #TeamHeaford responded with swift and positive action.

Essity are a major tissue manufacturer worldwide and Heaford are proud to be their mounter supplier for multiple sites.

Based in Uruapan Mexico, it’s not the easiest place to get to, but from the initial install request our Brazilian based engineer was onsite in Mexico within just 3 days!

It’s sometimes easy to forget the difficulty and time it can take to get to customer sites and after flights from Sao Paulo to Mexico, a taxi across town and then a 6-hour bus journey to Uruapan, Henrique, our man in Brazil, spent three days at the customer site to ensure everything was in working order and good to go …. and then he began the return journey home.

That’s some serious travelling, but it shows the advantage of having locally available engineers in the same continent, who also speaks Spanish, it’s not just a faster response, but also a more cost-effective service, and allows efficient operator training in their native language.

Henrique commented: “This was quite an adventure and certainly not run of the mill!  After some research and discussion with the team at Essity, I flew into Mexico City airport, then took a taxi to the bus station to take a bus to the city (6 hours on a bus). 

What an experience and I have to say that the team at Essity were so welcoming and helpful, the operators are clearly dedicated to their job and have excellent skills. It’s obviously a great place to live and work.”

We salute all our globetrotting service engineers who travel to faraway lands and places to service and install our mounters.