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Published on July 18, 2022

Team Heaford Spotlight – Gwilym Heaford

Having experienced different industries Gwilym decided to take an engineering course at college and opted for a mechanical engineering apprenticeship with Heaford.

Gwilym quickly found his calling as an Apprentice Engineer under the guidance of Paul Robson.

With an opportunity to gain further formal qualifications through day release at Trafford College and learn more about the machines through hands on experience, Gwilym soon found himself learning in detail about all the machines and how they work.

Gwilym tells us: “I had the best teacher in Paul Robson, he has such a wealth of experience and is happy to share his knowledge. He really took the time to explain things to me, giving me the chance to ‘have ago’ and learn from him.”

We asked Andy Lomas, Operations Manager, how Gwilym was getting on, here’s what he said: “As soon as he qualified Gwilym was out on-site installations, initially accompanied by a service engineer but very quickly he was able to do these on his own, that’s quite an achievement!  And he’s already training another one of our apprentices, Dylan, here he is showing him how to build a camera beam for an FTS”  

Most recently Gwilym has been in Turkey assisting with the installation of a gravure proof press he assembled in the factory along with colleagues.

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