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Digital Vision Systems

Improve your old analogue camera system and enjoy crystal clear high resolution images of the register marks on your mounter. This complete digital vision system makes mounting easier and removes the risk of downtime due to failure of obsolete analogue systems.

  • Improve mount accuracy
  • Increase productivity
  • High magnification (100x) digital cameras
  • Fixed focus camera and lens design (no continual adjustment)
  • Focused industrial LED illumination
  • Industrial PC with operating temperature range of -20C to +70C @ 100% CPU
  • Extend serviceable life
  • Removes risk of unplanned down time
  • Self or Heaford install options available

Digital Upgrades


Upgrade your analogue camera setup with Heaford’s state-of-the-art Digital Vision System. This comprehensive upgrade offers high-resolution, high-magnification (100x) imaging, ensuring effortless and accurate mounting. The system guarantees enhanced productivity and reduced downtime by boasting a fixed focus design, robust LED illumination, and an industrial PC optimised for temperatures from -20°C to +70°C. Compatible across all Heaford machines, the system offers features ranging from brightness control and digital zoom in the Standard Vision System to advanced deviation measuring tools and QC-friendly screenshots in the Enhanced Vision System. Each package, pre-assembled and tested, includes HD cameras, touchscreen monitors, and all necessary components, with options for self or professional installation. Elevate your operations with clear, efficient, and durable digital vision technology from Heaford.


Productivity increases, LED register mark illuminators and clearer HD colour images make mounting faster, easier & more accurate.
Operating life of the mounter is extended further.
Applies across the full range of Heaford machines giving a common platform for operator familiarity.
Digital camera technology, high magnification, in colour and HD.
Standard Vision System (narrow web) features include brightness and contrast control, x2 digital zoom and varying sizes, colours and combinations of target crosses/circles.
Enhanced Vision System (mid and wide web) includes all the features on the Standard Vision System described above along with: a measuring tool for deviation of register marks, screenshots of register marks with job information that can be saved for QC, target (crosses/circles) offset facility, interface to motor controls for moving cameras if installed, remote support software and multi-language interface.


A complete system, fully assembled and tested in our factory prior to shipment, is supplied for selfinstallation (installation by Heaford engineer is available on request) with a detailed instruction manual and includes:

Industrial fan-less computer with Standard or Enhanced vision system software.
Colour HD digital cameras with new high power LED illuminators.
Flat 21.5” (Standard) or 27” touch screen (Enhanced) HD colour monitor.
All associated cables, power supplies and fittings.

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