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Damage to sleeves will most often result in a reduction in print quality. Measure, track and predict the condition of your sleeves with our range of TIR and Scanning devices

Sleeve Surface Scanners

TIR & Surface Scanner

Ensure impeccable print quality in flexo printing with Heaford’s precision TIR & Surface Scan systems. Designed to assess and predict print sleeve quality, these systems:

  • Quickly identify and track sleeve wear and damage.
  • Offer customisable scans with widths from 40mm to 100mm.
  • Provide detailed contour maps and axial plot views of sleeves.
  • Store scan data, allowing for historical analysis and lifespan prediction.
  • Feature a 2D/3D laser with an accuracy of +/- 25 microns.

An integral tool for quality assurance, the scanner ensures consistent print outcomes and reduces downtime. On average, a sleeve scan is completed in just 2 minutes. Protect your print quality with Heaford.

TIR and Scanner Benefits


The Heaford range of TIR and Surface Scanners provides customers with a vital tool for ensuring consistent print quality. They accurately measure and assess the condition of plate sleeves, identifying any wear, damage, or deformities that could compromise print outcomes. By providing a detailed contour map of the sleeve’s surface and tracking historical data, these scanners enable quick identification of defects, prediction of sleeve lifespan, and reduced production costs and downtime.


Data Storage: Information such as sleeve identification, date of scan, and scan results are stored in the database.

Historical Analysis: Users can view a sleeve’s scan data history graphically, with projections indicating the theoretical remaining production life based on past usage.

Repeatability: 12 microns.

Laser Type: 2D/3D laser.

Measurement Accuracy: +/- 25 microns.

Scanning Width: Ranges from 40mm to 100mm.

Scan Duration: Approximately 2 minutes per sleeve.

Contour Analysis: Generates a detailed contour map of the sleeve’s surface.

Compatibility: Suitable for Bare polymer sleeves, excluding Twinlock.


The system scans the sleeve in widths from 40mm to 100mm and generates a contour map of the sleeve’s surface
enabling the identification of high and low spots, cutting damage etc..

An axial plot view is also available that indicates the profile for any given band along the sleeve length. The system can be tailored to suit the customers’ needs, from a quick pass of several bands to a full in-depth surface scan.

An average sleeve scans takes approximately 2 minutes.

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